September 2022

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Don’t Use LastPass, Use These Instead

LastPass is better than nothing, but is it the best password manager for you? We discuss pros, cons, and alternatives worth considering. LastPass has a lot going for it: Many features, good MFA support, handy password tools, emergency access, etc. However, LastPass has many issues to consider. LastPass has a terrible security track record – not something you want from a security service. Go to Wikipedia and read how many incidents they’ve had. In 2022, a hacker breached their corporate vault and stole their users’ vaults. We’ve since discovered that some users vaults are unnecessarily vulnerable to being cracked and LastPass wasn’t encrypting all vault contents (e.g. URLs). Most LastPass clients are closed-source, which hides poor privacy and security practices. We’ve discovered Google trackers in the LastPass iOS app and LastPass collects sensitive data (e.g. location) that other password managers do not. LastPass is also quite expensive relative to alternatives. For privacy, security, and financial reasons, we encourage users to consider KeePass and Bitwarden. Note that we are NOT sponsored by Bitwarden and have no relationship with Bitwarden at the time of publishing this episode. Visit us at to request a consultation or read our blog. Please consider making a non-deductible contribution to help us break through Big Tech suppression and keep this podcast going. OpenAlias: Monero (XMR), Bitcoin (BTC), and Litecoin (LTC) addresses at

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