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12 Considerations for Opening Your Next Account – Part 1

Have you ever opened an account and regretted it? Has your private data been used, abused, and breached? We have years of experience fighting with hundreds, if not thousands of different apps and services to harden, sanitize, delete sensitive information, and recover from data breaches. In this episode, we share our insights from these experiences so you can hopefully avoid the pitfalls we and our clients have encountered over the years. More specifically, here in Part 1 of 2, we discuss: 1. Avoiding data silo mentality; 2. Your account and data can be taken away at any time; 3. Policies can change against you at any time; 4. If a system can ID you, assume this is permanent; 5. Apps/services making it difficult or impossible to change or delete data; and 6. Some systems will disable your account when you change your data. Take these considerations seriously when you consider opening your next account and stay tuned for Part 2. The images presented in the video and blog content for this episode are AI-generated and provided for entertainment purposes only. Visit us at to request a consultation or read our blog. Please consider making a non-deductible contribution to help us break through Big Tech suppression and keep this podcast going. OpenAlias: Monero (XMR), Bitcoin (BTC), and Litecoin (LTC) addresses at Correction (25, July 2023): It was stated in this episode that Amazon purchased iRobot. Amazon has entered into an agreement to purchase iRobot, but this transaction has yet to close. However, we expect it to close and remain concerned about Amazon’s data collection.

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