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Twitter Alternative Mastodon Deserves a Closer Look

Mastodon is a Twitter alternative that deserves a closer look. One may assume it’s just another Gab, Parler, or Truth Social, but this isn’t the case. Mastodon is decentralized, federated, free and open-source software (FOSS) that anyone can use. There are many servers you can choose from to host your account, but if you don’t want to go that route, you can also self-host. This is the way social media should be. Mastodon is also part of a larger Fediverse through it’s implementation of ActivityPub, which is underappreciated and has great potential. We explain what this means for users, why it matters, as well as the pros and cons from our experiences. If you’re already a Mastodon user, follow us at Otherwise, you can sign up and follow us here: Visit us at to request a one-on-one consultation, listen to our podcast, or read our blog. Please consider making a non-deductible contribution to help us break through Big Tech suppression and keep this podcast going. OpenAlias: Monero (XMR), Bitcoin (BTC), and Litecoin (LTC) addresses at

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