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Welcome to the Bigger Insights podcasts! We provide our community the education and insights they need to achieve their goals and secure their future through finance, security, privacy, and technology.

Bigger Insights is about sovereignty and resilience. In addition to our podcast and blog content, we help clients like you, in one-on-one sessions, lead more sovereign and resilient lives by mastering these disciplines:

  1. Technology: Leverage technology to be more productive and make more money. Whether you need help setting up a NAS, want to learn how to use Linux, or even launch a podcast, we’ve got you covered.
  2. Finance: Build a life you don’t need a vacation from by letting us help you grow your assets and protect them from loss (taxes, theft, market risk, estate pitfalls). Do you need to get out of debt, want to learn about taxes, or need retirement planning support? We’re here to help you achieve your goals and secure your legacy.
  3. Privacy & Security: Protect yourself, your family, your business, and your assets from all kinds of threats, whether those be corporate surveillance, device and browser fingerprinting, creepy and malicious advertisements, data breaches, account takeovers, etc. Whether you need respond to a data breach, encrypt your data/communications, or clean up your digital life, we’re here for you.


We publish our episodes here (below) as well as on other platforms. Feel free to listen and subscribe to our podcasts anywhere you prefer. If you would like for us to publish to a different platform, please let us know.

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Finance - Budgeting - Financial Planning - Accounting - Asset Allocation - Taxable and Tax-favored Accounts - Cash Finance

Asset Location: Taxable vs. Tax-favored Accounts (401k, IRA, HSA)

Asset Location (AKA Asset Placement) is a strategy for organizing your assets in an optimal way that helps you meet your financial goals. In the previous episode, we focused on asset location strategies for reducing taxes and simplifying your tax return. In this episode, we focus on asset location considerations
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Security - Software - Email - Computer Screen Privacy & Security

Email is Insecure – Here’s How to Improve Email Security

Email was never designed to be private or secure, so not surprisingly, it is neither private, nor secure. In the previous episode, we explained the reasons why as well as the risks inherent to email. However, email is so prevalent that it is unfortunately a necessary evil. In this episode,
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Planning - Concepting - Whiteboard - Tax Planning Tips - Asset Location - Asset Placement Finance

Asset Location: Reducing Taxes & Simplifying Your Tax Return

Asset Location (AKA Asset Placement) is a strategy for organizing your assets in such a way as to reduce tax burden, simplify your tax return, and manage risk. We discuss our Asset Location strategies, which includes specifics about tax treatment for growth stocks, dividend stocks, taxable bonds, real estate investment
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Drake - Bad Choice-Good Choice - Linux vs Windows macOS ChromeOS Technology

Linux Doesn’t Suck – Here’s Why Even Normies Should Use It

Linux has long been viewed as a science fair project for nerds. We explain why Linux doesn’t suck and why it's now usable even for normies. Some of the items discussed: Issues with Windows, ease of use, performance (efficient use of resources), hardware support, application support, OS licensing, concerns about
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Email - Mobile Phone - Privacy and Security - Technology - Hands Privacy & Security

Email is Insecure – Stop Using it for Sensitive Communications

Email is the primary means of sending messages and documents for many people. Unfortunately, email was never designed to be private or secure. Over time, we’ve developed several tools and techniques to help make it more secure. But at the end of the day, no matter how uncomfortable it makes
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Woman Shopping - Holding Shopping Bags - Retail - Spending Money Finance

What Does it Mean to be Able to Afford Something?

Most everyone will agree that you shouldn’t buy things that you can’t afford, yet so many do. Why is that? It seems to us that one of the reasons for this is because many don’t know what it means to be able to afford something. Spoiler alert – it doesn’t
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