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The Best Way to Pay Your Taxes to the IRS


Tax Day is almost here, which is April 18, 2023. If you’ve been following the news, you’ve probably heard Janet Yellen warning about the US Treasury running on fumes. According to Joe Biden, paying taxes is patriotic. So if you’re feeling like a patriot, and want to throw Janet a lifeline, you may be wondering what the best way is to pay your taxes to the IRS. There are several ways to do this, but which is the best way for individuals? Should you:

  1. Mail a check or money order?
  2. Use Electronic Funds Withdrawal?
  3. Use IRS Direct Pay?

In this episode, we discuss these options, their pros and cons, as well as which may be best for you.


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Okay, listen up people. Turn up your volumes. It’s time for another Bigger Insights Finance

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episode. Tax Day is approaching. It’s April 18th this year in 2023. If you follow the

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news at all, you’ve probably heard Janet Yellen warning that the United States Treasury

00:00:26,400 –> 00:00:32,520
is basically running on fumes. Joe Biden says that paying taxes is patriotic. So if you’re

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feeling like a patriot and you want to throw Janet a bone, you’re probably wondering to

00:00:37,200 –> 00:00:43,240
yourself, “I should pay some taxes, but what’s the best way to pay the IRS?” Well, wonder

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no more because we’ve got you covered here at Bigger Insights. The best way to pay the

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IRS is, you don’t. Okay, that’s it everybody. Thanks for tuning in. Be sure to smash that

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like button or whatever gimmick there is on your preferred platform. All right, so before

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I get no-knock raided at three in the morning, just kidding everybody. We probably should

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have done this on April Fool’s Day. That’s a missed opportunity. Bigger Insights recommends

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that you pay your taxes in full and on-time. But in all seriousness, there are several options

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for paying taxes to the IRS, some better than others. We’re going to explain some of these

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options in this episode, as well as our opinion as to which one might be best for you. But

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before we get started, bear in mind that we are not accountants, tax attorneys, enrolled

00:01:35,280 –> 00:01:41,840
agents, or other tax professionals. So be sure to run any of this by your tax advisor.

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Also note that we’re going to be focusing on paying taxes for individuals in this episode,

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not businesses. The first method we’re going to discuss, which many recommend for some

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reason, is to mail in a check or money order. If you mail in a check, the IRS strongly recommends

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that you include all of the following information on your check: your name, current address,

00:02:07,240 –> 00:02:15,360
daytime phone number, and your Social Security Number (SSN). How stupid is that? At the same time,

00:02:15,360 –> 00:02:21,760
some other government agency, I think it’s the FTC, says you should never put sensitive

00:02:21,760 –> 00:02:28,160
information like a Social Security Number on a check. So what’s, what’s going on there?

00:02:28,160 –> 00:02:35,400
Basically the IRS tells you to do that because they “may”, in quotes, separate your check from

00:02:35,400 –> 00:02:42,320
your voucher. And when that happens, and Bob the Bureaucrat deposits your check, if he,

00:02:42,320 –> 00:02:49,320
it, or they can’t tell exactly who or what to apply that payment toward, they’ll just

00:02:49,320 –> 00:02:55,400
take your money, but that might not apply to your account. If that’s not government

00:02:55,400 –> 00:03:00,160
for you, I don’t know what is. And for those of you who don’t get the whole privacy and

00:03:00,160 –> 00:03:05,480
security thing, which by the way, we also produce a Privacy & Security podcast, so

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go check that out. You shouldn’t put sensitive information on a check because you don’t know

00:03:11,480 –> 00:03:17,320
who’s going to have access to that information. When a check gets deposited, at least one

00:03:17,320 –> 00:03:23,360
person handles it, which is a risk. It gets scanned and stored in who knows where and

00:03:23,360 –> 00:03:28,520
for who knows how long. That’s an additional risk. Those images could get leaked or they

00:03:28,520 –> 00:03:34,440
could end up being made public and some legal proceeding. What happens after it gets deposited?

00:03:34,440 –> 00:03:39,120
Does that person immediately shred it? Or does it get thrown to the side or filed away

00:03:39,120 –> 00:03:44,560
somewhere? That’s an additional risk. It’s an incredibly stupid thing to do. If you read

00:03:44,560 –> 00:03:49,480
about this particular issue online, a lot of people will say that they just don’t put

00:03:49,480 –> 00:03:54,120
their Social Security Number on their checks and they’ve never had a problem. But do you

00:03:54,120 –> 00:04:00,120
really want to roll those dice? If Bob the Bureaucrat does screw this up, you won’t even

00:04:00,120 –> 00:04:06,640
know until the IRS contacts you claiming that you haven’t paid your taxes. On top of that,

00:04:06,640 –> 00:04:11,480
are they going to demand that you pay interest and penalties, despite the fact that they actually

00:04:11,480 –> 00:04:17,680
have had your money? And don’t even get me started on the USPS. From what I’ve been

00:04:17,680 –> 00:04:22,600
seeing since, you know, the sickness, which we shall not speak of, they’ve been taking

00:04:22,600 –> 00:04:29,200
their sweet old time delivering letters. In many cases, up to 10 days, I’ve also had bills

00:04:29,200 –> 00:04:35,960
and tax forms not get delivered at all. So if you’re going to mail in a payment, especially

00:04:35,960 –> 00:04:40,760
if you’re going to be a high-roller like me and send it in last minute, you need to accept

00:04:40,760 –> 00:04:47,360
that risk as well. The second method we’re going to talk about is Electronic Funds Withdrawal.

00:04:47,360 –> 00:04:53,200
This is available in some tax filing software and is quick and convenient. If you have access

00:04:53,200 –> 00:04:59,480
to this, this might be your best option. However, you might not have access or your accountant

00:04:59,480 –> 00:05:05,040
may refuse to do this for you. I’ve actually spoken to accounts about this issue. And they’ll

00:05:05,040 –> 00:05:10,840
say that they don’t like to do this on behalf of their clients because if payment fails,

00:05:10,840 –> 00:05:15,400
for example, due to insufficient funds, then the IRS comes back and hassles them about

00:05:15,400 –> 00:05:22,240
it. This is just one of many examples as to why we can’t have nice things. Other people

00:05:22,240 –> 00:05:28,120
can’t manage their finances, so the responsible people among us have to suffer. Don’t be one

00:05:28,120 –> 00:05:33,280
of those people, follow Bigger Insights Finance or become a Bigger Insights client so we can

00:05:33,280 –> 00:05:38,120
make the world a better place for you, your family and society. If you’re interested in

00:05:38,120 –> 00:05:42,320
becoming a client, which you should be if you know it’s good for you, fill out the short

00:05:42,320 –> 00:05:47,280
form at the bottom of our website,, and we’ll reach out to you and schedule your

00:05:47,280 –> 00:05:54,560
initial consultation. If you can’t do Electronic Funds Withdrawal, your best option is probably

00:05:54,560 –> 00:06:02,560
IRS Direct Pay. Direct Pay is an electronic payment option on the IRS’s website. We like

00:06:02,560 –> 00:06:09,720
this option for a few reasons. One, this is through, not some sketchy third-party

00:06:09,720 –> 00:06:15,800
website. You might have heard about this, but there is a tax filing site called

00:06:15,800 –> 00:06:22,800
that got hacked and hackers put malicious JavaScript code into that site, which may

00:06:22,800 –> 00:06:30,000
have affected anyone who visited their website. There are no fees for using IRS Direct Pay,

00:06:30,000 –> 00:06:34,760
which is a good thing. I mean, we need to pay fees to pay our taxes like we need a new

00:06:34,760 –> 00:06:40,220
hole in the head. The third thing that we like about it is transactions are very fast.

00:06:40,220 –> 00:06:46,480
The last time I submitted a payment through Direct Pay, the transaction cleared that day.

00:06:46,480 –> 00:06:51,000
The fourth thing that we like is you don’t need to make an account. There is no account

00:06:51,000 –> 00:06:57,080
system with Direct Pay. And this is great because every account that you have is more

00:06:57,080 –> 00:07:03,240
time and more risk. So with this system, once you submit a payment, they’ll give you a confirmation

00:07:03,240 –> 00:07:07,840
and a tracking number for you to follow up if you need to. The fifth thing that we like

00:07:07,840 –> 00:07:14,480
is if you choose the Extension reason, which we’ll talk about in a few minutes, they’ll

00:07:14,480 –> 00:07:20,720
automatically process an extension request for you. But just keep in mind, pro tip: An

00:07:20,720 –> 00:07:27,400
extension with the IRS is an extension to file, not an extension to pay. Your taxes

00:07:27,400 –> 00:07:33,520
are still due on tax day, pretty much no matter what the circumstances are. Now, for those

00:07:33,520 –> 00:07:38,000
of you who are new to government, you might be thinking, “Well, how am I going to know

00:07:38,000 –> 00:07:44,560
how much to pay if I’m not able to file yet?” All good questions. Again, this is the government

00:07:44,560 –> 00:07:48,920
we’re talking about here. As far as they’re concerned, that’s your problem, and you can

00:07:48,920 –> 00:07:54,680
go pound sand. You’re supposed to know and apply the tens of thousands of pages of the

00:07:54,680 –> 00:08:00,160
tax code, come up with your best guess and get it right. If you underpay, then you’ll

00:08:00,160 –> 00:08:05,400
have to pay penalties and interest. The sixth and final thing that we like about Direct

00:08:05,400 –> 00:08:12,560
Pay is the process is relatively simple. Now I say relatively because this is still the

00:08:12,560 –> 00:08:19,040
government, so they’re not going to make it too easy for you. One does not simply pay

00:08:19,040 –> 00:08:26,800
taxes. So if you’re Donald Trump and you owe $750, you can’t just send the IRS $750

00:08:26,800 –> 00:08:32,160
and call it a day. That would be too easy. You have to give them your name, Social Security

00:08:32,160 –> 00:08:37,480
Number, bank information, what year you’re paying toward. You also have to verify your

00:08:37,480 –> 00:08:44,720
identity, which is basically what name, filing status, date of birth, Social Security Number,

00:08:44,720 –> 00:08:50,200
address and other basic information that you provided in a previous tax year. Then they

00:08:50,200 –> 00:08:55,120
make you agree to a few things like agreeing to allow them to debit funds from your account

00:08:55,120 –> 00:09:00,680
and stuff like that. And it might sound like a lot, but it can really be done in just a

00:09:00,680 –> 00:09:05,240
few minutes, especially if you’ve done it before. There are also some things that we

00:09:05,240 –> 00:09:12,920
do not like about Direct Pay. First of all, the Direct Pay website has Google Tag Manager

00:09:12,920 –> 00:09:19,600
embedded into it, which is basically a creepy tracker that Google uses to track your activity

00:09:19,600 –> 00:09:26,160
across the web. You can and should block this, by the way, which we discuss these types of

00:09:26,160 –> 00:09:30,680
issues in our Privacy & Security podcast. And, you know, obviously we can help you do

00:09:30,680 –> 00:09:35,320
that if you’re a client, but you know, this, this really grinds my gears. I mean, this

00:09:35,320 –> 00:09:41,760
should be completely illegal. On the one hand, the government wants to complain on and on

00:09:41,760 –> 00:09:47,200
about how big and powerful companies like Google are. On the other hand, they embed

00:09:47,200 –> 00:09:54,160
Google trackers into their websites. Which basically feeds your private data to Google

00:09:54,160 –> 00:09:59,400
and other companies, which makes them bigger and more powerful. The other issue with this

00:09:59,400 –> 00:10:04,360
is the government forces you to deal with them. And, you know, if that’s the way you’re

00:10:04,360 –> 00:10:10,360
going to roll, the least you can do is not hand our data over to advertisers and other

00:10:10,360 –> 00:10:16,000
creepy companies. Is that really too much to ask? All right, rant complete. The other

00:10:16,000 –> 00:10:24,080
annoyance that we have is the Reason for Payment field. Again, one does not simply pay taxes.

00:10:24,080 –> 00:10:30,320
That’s not enough to just send the IRS what you owe. You have to give them a “Reason”. There

00:10:30,320 –> 00:10:37,280
are 15 such reasons. Most of these are pretty obscure and probably won’t apply to us humble

00:10:37,280 –> 00:10:44,400
peasants in most circumstances. But there are a few options which are kind of confusing.

00:10:44,400 –> 00:10:49,320
Not only are the descriptions confusing, but it doesn’t do a good job of explaining what

00:10:49,320 –> 00:10:54,560
the consequences are if you choose the wrong one. But other than that, it’s a pretty decent

00:10:54,560 –> 00:11:00,720
option. So if you’re feeling patriotic and you want to throw Janet a lifeline, search

00:11:00,720 –> 00:11:07,440
for IRS Direct Pay in DuckDuckGo or Startpage. We don’t want to give the direct link

00:11:07,440 –> 00:11:12,840
just in case of it changes. And we mentioned DuckDuckGo and Startpage because we don’t

00:11:12,840 –> 00:11:19,160
use or recommend Google search for privacy reasons. But when you do that, just be absolutely

00:11:19,160 –> 00:11:26,760
positively certain that whatever website you’re on is really and not some scam site

00:11:26,760 –> 00:11:31,480
because there are a lot of them out there. Alright, that’s everything for real this time.

00:11:31,480 –> 00:11:35,160
Make sure you subscribe because we’re going to be producing a lot more great content like

00:11:35,160 –> 00:12:00,160
this and go be a patriot and pay your taxes.


We are not CPAs, tax attorneys, or other tax professionals and nothing in this episode should be construed as tax, financial, or other advice. See our full Disclaimer for more details.

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